Global Rail Group joins DRS Alliance

Global Rail Group joins DRS Alliance

After several years of being associated with DRS Alliance externally, Global Rail Group officially joins the European initiative driven to reshape railway infrastructure. 

Since the founding of the DRS Alliance (Digital Railway Solutions Alliance) in February 2022, Global Rail Group has supported the international group of leading railway companies in both, technical design and project management.

The DRS Alliance is currently developing into the leading provider of digital solutions for railway infrastructure asset management. ­­­­­­­­With a shared vision of improving the railway industry’s efficiency and safety, as a member of DRS Alliance, Global Rail Group, will use their use expertise and in-depth technical know-how about track maintenance in combination with the alliance’s digital solutions.

We are proud to have been involved in the conception and development of the DRS Alliance from the very beginning and are now delighted to be officially accepted as a member. Together with our partners, we are committed to bringing forward-looking solutions to the industry.

– Gabrielle Costigan, COO of the Global Rail Group 

Intelligence Through Data

Global Rail Group’s core competences are data-based consulting and decision management for asset management in railway infrastructure. This enables realistic KPIs and priorities to be set together with DRS Alliance customers and recommendations to be implemented cost-effectively. For example, as a consulting partner, Global Rail Group conducted a feasibility study in 2022 in collaboration with the DRS Alliance on a possible increase in the line speed of trains from 130 km/h to 200 km/h on the Delhi-Agra route in India.

Global Rail Group also specializes in solutions for increasing the capacity of railway infrastructure. By optimizing utilization, costs can be saved and resources conserved, which means, among other things, more sustainable operations.


These data-driven approaches are crucial to effectively addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the railway industry and shaping a sustainable, efficient future of transport. 

Shaping the Future of Rail: Collaboration for Sustainable Mobility

The railway sector stands at the threshold of a transformative era, driven by the pressing global imperative for sustainability and the rapid pace of urbanization. Rail transport is increasingly recognized as the cornerstone of future mobility. However, this path is lined with challenges: aging infrastructures are straining under the huge demand, and passengers are demanding quicker, more flexible travel solutions. Overcoming these obstacles calls for a unified, interdisciplinary effort, aiming to forge a future where railways emerge as the premier choice for eco-friendly passenger and freight transport.

As Global Rail Group brings in their expertise & knowledge in railway asset management to DRS Alliance’s state-of-the-art digital mobility solutions, our combined expertise promises new advancements in efficiency and sustainability for the railway industry. 

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