Certified Operator Of Track Construction Machines Specialization Vorwagen (Examination By Ueeiv)

About The Course

Employees who are to be trained as front wagon operators are trained in this course in the areas of superstructure, routing, routing and switch height plans, machine technology, control and control computers e.g. ALC, measuring system of the tamping machine and rules in the superstructure.
Various exercises are carried out on our simulators of the guidance and control computers in order to deepen the specialist knowledge learned.

Conclusion and Goal


Participation in this course is open to anyone who is deemed suitable by the company. More detailed information in advance on request. It is an advantage if the employee has previous knowledge of track construction and/or experience with track construction machines.


Machine knowledge
Track geometry
Superstructure (characteristics of the superstructure)
Measurement method

Track position error

Measurement method

Your Trainer

Carsten Baumgart


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