Calgary Transit awards contract for rail grinding services to ARM

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Calgary Transit awards contract for rail grinding services to ARM

The City of Calgary has awarded Advanced Rail Management (Canada) Inc. (ARM), a Global Rail Group company, a one-year contract (with four option years) for rail grinding services on the Calgary Transit Light Rail Transit System.
As part of the contract, ARM will review the existing conditions and develop and execute a rail grinding program to remove corrugation, surface cracking, and gradually restore the design rail profile on open and tunnel mainline track, including the at-grade embedded track sections in the downtown area, on the Blue and Red Lines across the 120 route-km (60km of double track) system. ARM will measure and analyse rail roughness, corrugation, wear and surface defects on the system. From that, it will develop and supervise the grinding program through onsite field management to optimise track time and metal removal rates for the grinding programme. The plan is to address the Blue and Red Lines alternately each year.
ARM will provide the rail grinding equipment along with field supervision and quality control of the grinding unit to ensure that the desired rail profile and surface conditions are achieved. “We will select the appropriate grinding patterns to minimise the required grinding effort,” said ARM Chief Technical Officer Mark Reimer. “We will also perform post-grinding measurement and inspection to validate the post-grind rail roughness and corrugation levels.”
ARM will also train and work with Calgary Transit’s in-house grinding crews on the use of hand tools to properly assess rail profile, and on pattern selection and grinding techniques to remove corrugation and achieve the desired rail profile with the least amount of grinding effort.
Advanced Rail Management (Canada), headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a consulting/services company that provides expertise in all aspects of wheel/rail interaction to railways and transit systems.

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