About The Course All training courses are also available in webinar format. Webinars are 1 hour in duration and can be given at the customer’s request. Bespoke training webinars are available for additional cost. Conclusion and Goal Refresher training Introduction to basic concepts Flexible scheduling and content Prerequisite Contact us for information about content and […]

About The Course FRA approved track geometry course that covers the basics of track structure. This course teaches the interrelationship of track components and geometry as a combined system. Suitable for any rail professional such as: tamper machine operators, field service representatives, planners, engineers, or any interested workers with a non-engineering background. Conclusion and Goal […]

About The Course Designed to introduce newly hired technical workers to the unique features of railroad construction and machinery and it’s applied technologies. For example: track construction management, assembly production workers, mechanics, field service representatives. This course is a direct extension of Onboarding Track 1 Conclusion and Goal Certificate Prerequisite Track 2 is an immediate […]

About The Course New employees will gain a basic understanding of the railway system, its technical foundations, and requirements for track construction. Designed for new hires that have no previous railroad experience. For example, employees from: sales, customer services, product management, design, purchasing, and general support. Conclusion and Goal Certificate Prerequisite No prerequisites required for […]

About The Course From the function and properties of selected components to the construction of hydraulic circuit diagrams – this training teaches the necessary basics for mechanics, technicians, and field service representatives. The training is recommended to all those who want to attend further advanced trainings. Conclusion and Goal Understanding the basic design of a […]

About The Course Core competency training in the fundamentals of track geometry designed for MOW workers (non-tamper), equipment mechanics, or any interested railroad worker. Conclusion and Goal Describe track geometry and recognize faults Describe how track geometry affects safety and operations Read and apply track charts to repair operations Fundamentals of mechanized maintenance Prerequisite Completion […]