Why study at Global Rail Academy?

Rail knowledge to drive the success of the railway system and innovate global mobility

Why study at Global Rail Academy?

We are the first choice to keep you and your employees fit for the railway infrastructure.
Our trainers come from the field and are not only able to impart knowledge and experience with the help of our modern training facilities, they live it. Whether newcomer or career changer, experienced operator or absolute professional, we will find the right training path for you and your employees. To make it exciting and varied, we create individual learning paths and focus on what is important to you!
We develop our courses together with you! Together we want to find solutions for your specific needs. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to welcoming you and your staff to one of our courses in the near future.

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Becoming the go-to powerhouse of knowledge, information and executable expertise; that steers the future of the global railway superstructure industry towards increased efficiency, increased safety and innovation.