Global Rail Trust: new 360° knowledge transfer offer for the rail system

Rail knowledge to drive the success of the railway system and innovate global mobility

Global Rail Trust: new 360° knowledge transfer offer for the rail system

The strong internationalisation of the railway industry is reaching its limits in terms of expertise - A significant number of employees will retire in the coming years and there are already mismatches between available and required skills created by digital and high-tech technologies (Source: ““Competitiveness of the EU Rail Supply Industry” UNIFE). Today, a lack of skilled personnel in the global track construction industry is a hurdle to the growth and profitability of companies operating in the track construction sector. The Global Rail Trust group of companies wants to contribute to solving these bottlenecks and is now offering a new, versatile range of services to provide and advance expertise in railway track.
To support companies in successfully meeting these challenges, there will be several companies under the umbrella brand “Global Rail Trust”: Global Rail Media, Global Rail Consulting and Global Rail Academy. The aim is to support companies in the field of track construction in complementary business areas, to act globally and to be able to take advantage of the resulting business opportunities.
The shortage of skilled personnel threatens the railway industry with a loss of experience and expertise. This makes it all the more important to collect and pool this knowledge. This is exactly what the new companies are about: preserving and optimally processing the knowledge in order to develop future specialists and support them in their work in the best possible way. In addition, the knowledge should also be expanded and advanced – not least through an extensive exchange with practitioners and experts. The established know-how hub in Leverkusen-Opladen will play a central role in this.
At the start of the new project, three specialised sub-companies will take up operations.
At Global Rail Media (GRM), content is generated and prepared for a wide range of applications. In addition to editorial support for the popular platforms Gleisbauwelt and trackopedia, events are organised and specialist literature is published. In addition, there are the classic services of a media agency. The well-established brand “PMC Media” remains as a reference brand for the provision of technical content in track technology and the entire railway transport technology.
Global Rail Consulting (GRC) will offer in-depth knowledge of economic track maintenance and provide consultancy support for global projects. The core areas will be analyses of the condition of railway assets and optimisation of maintenance processes. Both areas will be supported by technical market research, in particular on track systems and their life cycles.
Global Rail Academy (GRA) is the partner for staff development, further education and training for the global rail system. The company provides the necessary expertise to develop staff, whether they are employed by OEMs, construction companies or infrastructure operators in the railway system. It is important to the GRA team that the trainees learn the course content as practically as possible and through their own experience.
The training models can be very different: from virtual programmes to units on different simulators, anything is possible. Various combinations in the sense of “blended learning”, e.g. by combining face-to-face teaching with e-learning, are also possible.
This new group of companies starts with a global focus and a clear commitment to the development of staff and knowledge – of others. For this purpose, expertise and experience will be collected, pooled and processed in the spirit of a common railway infrastructure community.

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